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Adrian K is a geek from Wellington, New Zealand.  He has been involved in technology since 2000, starting out in software development, and presently works with the lovely folks at Middleware NZ, masquerading as a consultant integration architect.  His current primary credentials as an architect are his beard and his ability to prefix answers with the words “it depends”.

He has dabbled in product development for a lot of that time, creating several Microsoft based open source projects (Morphfolia and Robomojo) and more recently CombiCard and ScrumSpark; also see the Projects page.

He previously co-ran the Wellington Solution Architects Forum, which you can find on LinkedIn and meetup.com.

He has never been on Facebook; was on Twitter and Instagram as @LoopDetected, but no longer actively uses them given the immoral compass of their owners.

You can view his professional profile on LinkedIn.

He’s not entirely sure why he’s writing about himself in the 3rd-person.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Adrian

    A very basic question here.. I saw this post you left but the diagram you referenced is gone off your site.. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2527482/cms-common-architecture. Do you have it hanging around somewhere. I am new to the Web CMS world and looking to get up to speed quickly. Particularly how a Web CMS gets in the mix on serving up pages or owning the web site. I realize they act as a repository for content, including code, but do they manage/front end the web app for the site as well.


    • Hi Gil, let me track that down for you as I don’t have it to hand right at this moment.

      I realize they act as a repository for content, including code, but do they manage/front end the web app for the site as well.

      Usually yes, but it depends. A lot of CMS solutions (like WordPress) allow you (as an end user) to manage the look and feel of the front end – but often only in a limited way (to change the background, color schemes or choose themes); alternatively some CMS (or CMS frameworks like Drupal) will allow you (as a developer) to manage every aspect of a sites visual appearance.

  2. Hi Adrian,
    Thank you for your hobby projects. I have just downloaded TimeLogger and loving it: no nonsense simple to use with flexibility to add in missing time. Best of all, it is truly free without the annoying ads. I am sorry to post this here, as I do not know how to contact you to say thanks and request for additional features. :p
    May I suggest/request 2 and a half features?
    1. A stop/pause for the active task? Rationale: Without this Stop, I would have to create a task call StopTime and use this task to end the day, otherwise the report will only shows the last task but not calculate the duration. The half feature is to show the duration on the date/time label of the recorded task, e.g. “24/04/2019 1:33AM then right align the Duration” and naturally you may as well display the duration on the line items on the right hand side of the report screen.
    2. The ability to export the right hand side of report screen into csv file?
    I hope you would consider the requests and respond positively and Many thanks in advance,

    • Hi Tuan, thanks for your ideas. I will definitely add a CSV download. For the pause I might have a dedicated stop/pause task which is simply activated from a pause button on the active task, or somewhere on the UI – let me experiment and see what’s a good candidate for release. I’ll also have a look at the duration idea. Thanks again for your ideas – it’s great to know other people are finding my software useful 🙂

      • Thanks for the response Adrian.
        Sorry, I have been rather busy and didn’t have a chance to response. I look forward to test drive the new beast. 🙂
        Cheers, Tuan

  3. Hi Tuan, I have *finally* submitted a ne version to the store. So far I have only added the CSV download function, which I hope will match your expectations.

    I’m keen to do the duration and pause ideas, but I need to think these through before I can implement them. I may come back to you with some questions for clarification.

    I’ll let you know once the new version (1.3) has been accepted into the store and is available for download. PLEASE NOTE – I suggest you back-up the database file before doing the update. Your data should be safe during the update process but I’m not 100% sure (the process is different for me as the app developer).


  4. Hello! I’m just getting started using “TimeLogger”. It seems like it will be very helpful. I just wanted to let you know about a small typo. When starting a new group, or in your screenshots on “Settings and About screen”, there’s a small window that demonstrates the normal text, highlight text and test button. In there, the word “highlight” is spelled with an extra “t”.

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